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We are a Dubai-based designer
of beautiful “earth-kind” bedspreads.

Oni was born out of our love for India and desire to support the “slow-fashion” movement. This means creating textiles that are made by skilled artisans, piece-by-piece, slowly, carefully and with respect for the earth.

Nea first travelled to Rajasthan in 2005 and has returned every year since as a student of yoga and traveller. A trip 10 years later in 2015 this time with her husband Mark was the genesis of Oni.

Inspired by the vibrant patterned fabrics one sees throughout Rajasthan, we have created stylish contemporary bedspreads using traditional techniques found in India’s rich textile history. Our designs are drawn from Persian, Mughal and India motifs as well as symbols and patterns collected on our travels through Asia, Africa and our home in the Middle East.

All our fabrics are made with 100% GOTS-certified pure organic cotton and printed with vegetable and non-toxic dyes. Organic cotton is produced without chemical fertilisers or pesticides and requires much less water than conventional cotton. The result is a cotton that is softer to touch and better for environmental sustainability. We choose the safest dyes we can recognising that dyes impact the environment, the people who work with them and of course those who use the fabrics.

Integral to our vision for creating “earth-kind” fabrics, is to ensure our production methods are also kind. We have met the people who hand dye, hand print and hand stitch our fabrics. Each Oni piece is an intrinsically human act of creation, often by women who are empowered by being able to earn money from their craftwork. We support fair-trade and sustainable, equitable business practices which means no child labour, safe working conditions and fair pay for all workers.

Ultimately our priority is kindness; for the natural environment, for the people who make our fabrics and for the people who use them. We hope you get as much pleasure from our bedspreads as we do creating them. We would love to hear your comments, thoughts, and feedback. You can contact us here.

Mark & Nea


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